KVA Bern, Switzerland

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Client: WaltGalmarini AG
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Involvement of AEE: Detail Statical Calculation and Sketch
Design Status: Construction Completed
Construction Duration: 2009 - 2016



This project involved the detail design of the walls and slabs of a very huge waste treatment plant in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The initial part forms the bunker building with plan dimensions 38.60mx 72m. It has three stories below ground and twelve above ground. The total height of the building above ground is 39.6 meters.Further, extensive structural steel construction that was intended as grid adjustment support for fans and lateral bracing for 30m high facade was designed. The waste bunker is made of reinforced and post tensioned concrete walls.Some of the shear walls in this structure carry not only earthquake, wind,lateral waste heap pressure but also vertical loads from self weight and loads directly on slabs. Parts of the walls act as cantilever systems supporting three floors of vertical loadings (dead and live loads). Some of the live loads include moving loads with permanent railed crane systems.As usual, we have done extensive quality checks such as hand calculations for both analysis and design of these walls. Some of the walls even have openings.