Solar Valley-Ethiopia

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Archtect: Pia Schmid
: Stiftung Solarenergie
Location: Burayu, Oromia(West Addis Ababa)
Involvement of AEE: Complete Structural Design
Design Status: Partial Construction Completed in 2009



The project has a total plot area of 15,000m2. It is intended that thefollowing functions will be housed in the buildings of this village: classrooms, dormitories, show rooms, assembly plant, restaurant, offices and manufacturing plants as extension. Furthermore, some area will be reservedfor treatment of waste water and also for forestry research. Other functionsinclude ancillary structures such as water and energy tower, guard houseand fence.Most of the buildings will have flat slab concrete ceiling system with castinsitu concrete. However, the relatively long spanning roofs of the industrialplants are made of totally precast rib systems that are cast onsite on theground and will be raised by simple cranes and placed on cast insitu concretebeams at the roof level. These afford a fancy twisting shape of ceiling whichin turn affords a spacious and sloping concrete roof for the placement ofsolar panels on top. It is also believed that this does not raise constructioncosts but would result in good quality concrete. The roofs are supported oncolumns which are in turn supported by isolated footing foundations so thatthe stability in the event of wind or earthquake is assured.