Prime Tower

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Client: WaltGalmarini AG
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Involvement of AEE: Structural Design of Walls and Columns
Design Status: Building Commissioned
Construction Duration: 2007-2010





The Prime Tower is the tallest building in Switzerland. It is located in Zürich. This mixed-use complex will have a height of 126m above ground. It will have a total of 35 stories with a basement story below the ground. The structural system consists of steel-concrete composite slabs and columns. The latter is designed to carry vertical loads while lateral loads from earthquake and wind actions are designed to be resisted by service cores which are made of reinforced concrete shear walls acting as cantilever pier systems. Dynamic analysis of the global system revealed that the higher modes are important more for local verification of design rather than for overall design consideration.The project involves structural design of more than 1000 columns (some of which are inclined about 1.2 m out of plumb from one story to the next)and their connection with horizontal structural elements. The columns are composed of universal/wide flange structural steel sections that are jacketed with reinforced concrete. Both the reinforced concrete and the structural steel section are assumed to contribute to the section resistance calculation of the columns.Our involvement also includes the detail design of the interior concrete core walls which carry all the lateral loads, in addition to the vertical loads.