Ethiopian Airlines HQ

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Archtect: BET Architects and Soehne Partners
Client: Ethiopian Airlines
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Involvement of AEE: Total Structural Design and Supervision
Design Status: Submission





The project consists of carrying out complete structural engineering services for six ‘floating’ blocks connected with bridges and lobby roofing and resting on two story underground parking. The gross area of the project is about 20,000m2. To ensure that the buildings appear to be ‘floating’, slabs are cantilevering about 6.5m on the outside of the blocks at the grade level. This cantilevering system carries 4 storeys on top of it through a system of compression struts and tensile columns with the slabs carrying tension.The struts and columns are of steel - concrete composite construction.The connecting bridges of the lobby are supported by structural steel sections in two ways: suspension from top with structural steel girders of the lobby roof and support from below by tree-like steel columns.The conference block’s roof consists of reinforced concrete beams spanning a maximum of about 14m with an optimized waffle like arrangement. Proper fire checks have been carried out for the whole project, and especially, the lobby area for the structural steel. The blocks have slabs with only 20cm of thickness with spans

of 7.6m X6.0m. The lateral force resisting system is composed of optimized shear walls of a maximum of 30cm thickness for the tallest block (2 basements plus G+ 4 offices).