Europaallee Baufeld G, Switzerland

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Client: SBB (Swiss National Railway)
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Involvement of AEE: Designing of Lateral Force Resisting Shear Walls System, Columns and Foundations
Design Status: Finished in 2016







This building complex houses two towers of 19 and 15 story connected by a 7- Story common part with function of residence, retirement home,shops and offices.Our office was entrusted with the responsibility of designing the lateral force resisting shear walls system, the columns and the foundations.The lateral force resisting system carries forces from earthquake and wind. Dynamic analysis with geometric non linearity has been done for this system of core walls to come up with a workable solution that closely follows the irregular arrangement of walls as dictated by the architecture and big openings in these walls as dictated by the service installations.The columns are precast columns with very high strength concrete of C75/90 grade. Both high reinforced columns and composite columns with solid steel cores are used. They are not only checked for the usual ultimate limit states but also for accidental limit states including impact from cars around parking areas and progressive collapse due to sudden failure of columns. Further, extensive fire checks, using state of the art Euro-Codes and DIN have been carried out.The foundation is a piled raft system. Fo

r an extensive building plan dimensions of about 110m X 50m and towers of 19 and 15 storys, the relative and the maximum settlements have to be closely controlled by the piles. Furthermore, the nearby rail tracks needed consideration as settlement induced due to the new building loads would have compromised their use if not well designed. Since, the present underground stream is the main source of drinking water for the city of Zurich, the flow pattern of this stream was not to be tampered with by deep and extensive foundation construction. This meant that the depth of the foundation mat had to be limited to less than 1m and the number and arrangement of piles had to be thought of very carefully.