Tramway Access

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Client: Walt+Galmarini AG
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Involvement of AEE: Structural Design
Design Status: Construction Completed


The tramway access is a public stair shaped in a helical form. It is supported on foundation elements at its bottom and a shear wall system on top. The flat landing portion of the system is supported on the shear wall/lift shaft system and cantilevers 7m towards the tramway proper.All the structural elements are made of reinforced concrete and the long cantilevering landing slab consists of prestressed concrete. The latter element is comprised of prestressing tendon that is well anchored in the reinforced concrete. This cantilever landing is connected to the Tramway bridge which introduces contact forces into the system. As a result, the Tramway bridge forces the end of the cantilever to have a vertically downward deflection of 50mm that could be represented by a load case. Interestingly, forces acting on the cantilever are not considered to be transferred to the TramwayBridge.