Parkgarage Innerarosa, Switzerland

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Client: WaltGalmarini AG
Location: Arosa, Switzerland
Involvement of AEE: Statical Calculation and Detail Drawing Preparation of Double Basement Parking
Design Status: Construction Completed
Construction Duration: 2009-2010



The super-structure consists of timber structural elements housing a skisports shop. Close to the shop, there are three open clay tennis courts. Under these lie two floors of underground basement parking levels made of the Filigran Deck system, precast concrete columns and cast-in-place structural concrete retaining walls. The overall dimension of the underground parking is 64.04m X 90.32m. The main grids of the building are 8.15m x 8.25m. The foundation is made of reinforced concrete base plate with thickening under the columns.Since the location of this project is high in the mountains, besides a lot of snow,the range of temperature between the outside and the basement parking is significant. Hence, thermal loading has been one of the major concerns of the statistical calculations. In addition, the ground water table is high which called for draining the back of the retaining walls. However, enough safety factor has been incorporated in the design, should the drainage system accidentally fail to perform. Also, overall stability of the basement against the buoyant force of the accidental ground water pool has been verified.There are two ramps for car access and four spots (with stairs and elevators) providing access for people.