Addis Africa Convention & Exhibition Center

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Project: Addis Africa Convention and Exhibition Center

Client: Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Involvement of AEE:
Structural Design (Phase 1) and Supervision
2019 (Expected)






A project divided into 2 big phases. The first phase has multipurpose hall, exhibition hall, concourse and bridge restaurant for

all of which we were commissioned as structural engineers. The shopping mall was handled by another firm.
The vast area these constr Apply uctions cover is near a seasonal river. Soil investigation was a very important aspect of the project where we gave added value. Big roof spans of 60m with 9m between supports for the halls, 16m to 17m internal spans and more than 10m of cantilever restaurant and 20m of cantilever of 3 storey levels at the entrance are some of the interesting challenges of the project. Inclined columns in accordance with the formal definition of the architects were used. Large and heavily loaded spans were dealt with due consideration of not only strength limit states but also serviceable limit states including vibrations.