BGI Headquarters

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Project: New Headquarters for BGI Ethiopia
BGI Ethiopia
Westway Architects, Rome
Elmi Olindo Contractors, Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Involvement of AEE:
Structural Design + Supervision
Structural planning and construction December 2015 to November 2016.








A ten storey building (B+G+8) with total of 15,000 m2 of gross built up area with five articulated planar set up of building parts i

mitating tra

in cars is built with only one seismic joint that runs from first floor to the roof of the eighth floor. Housed functions include car parks, meeting rooms, club lounge, residential apartments, gym, green roof and etc.

Close harmonization between different design disciplines by architect and contractor (architecture and MEP),

dissipative seismic design according to latest Euro Norms, saw toothed stair spanning in the main long direction with simplified reinforcement scheme, raised floor system, seismic joint design with due consideration of soil and building behavior during seismic event, tie-back of external light concrete walls and robustness check are some of the interesting features of the structural planning.
The design resulted in a very fine space and excellent lighting and ambience meeting architectural requirements and is on track in providing best value for the end-user.