Wollo Tertiary Hospital and Teaching Center

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Project: Wollo Tertiary Hospital and Teaching Center
Client: Wollo Tertiary Hospital and Teaching Center
Location: Dessie, Ethiopia
Involvement of AEE: Concept Structural Design
Duration: 2016




The Project consists of more than 48,000m2 of area divided into 6 blocks of main hospital and 2  specialty clinics.
Our task involved the strategic analysis of the key structural elements for vertical and horizontal  stability of the main hospital and parametric optimization matrix study of different systems.
The soil condition shows cohesive soil and very high ground water table. The site is located very  near  the Great African Rift Valley which cuts Ethiopia into two and the peak ground acceleration is  significantly higher than Addis Ababa in addition to the increased importance of the structure.
The connection of different blocks also involved not only direct connection but bridge connections at   three levels spanning 30m at places.
At several locations, canopies and umbrella roof we designed with space truss system and skylight   with due consideration of the architectural requirements.